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I am happy to announce my work will be promoted through JAM at MAM, The online marketplace of the Montclair Museum.  Specific works will be available for sale from July 7 - Oct. 7.  10% of sales got to charity.  Please check out the amazing works of NJ artists here  https://e.givesmart.com/events/hbn/

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artist statement

I am interested in the way that violent imagery and stories derived from Catholicism are taken in and reinterpreted in imaginative and domestic spaces.  My work explores the effects of those images on the mind of a child through memories of my own childhood.  Then I examine how I might look back upon those early interpretations as an adult and use them to reinvent Catholic rituals and icons.

Violent images that are rendered in beautiful color and paint, such as the crucified Christ and martyred saints are a constant presence in Catholic Churches and architecture pre-Vatican II, when there was a significant emphasis on visuals in the Church.  I encountered this imagery as a child while going to church and continued to focus on them into my adulthood as I began my study of art history, specifically with Renaissance and Baroque imagery.  

In my paintings I explore these ideas through objects placed in various settings with strong, dramatic lighting to create disturbing and dream-like spaces that also have a staged element to them – as when memories are rearranged and skewed over time.  I also play with scale to further emphasize the adult/child viewpoints.




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oil on canvas 31 x 31 inches 2020